Beat stress, fight acidity with Depsleep

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03 03-2016
Beat stress, fight acidity with Depsleep

The night shift in the newsroom was stressful, as usual. Sarita ran a hand through her wavy hair as she
stared at the glaring computer screen. She had 10 minutes to release the edition but with her team
member running off for a smoke every now and then, it didn’t look she would make it.
She thought about the inevitable stinker she would receive from her boss the next morning and sighed,
reaching for her sixth cup of coffee. She took a sip and turned her attention back to the page on the
computer screen, a little red warning light blinking menacingly in the background to remind her of the
hurtling deadline.


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She pretended not to hear the news editor calling out, “hey where’s the print?” But when he called the
third time, she downed the coffee in a gulp. Finally the prints were out and the edition went – half an
hour late. Another tough day had come to an end, leaving her restless and saddled with heartburn. At
home she tossed and turned in bed, stressing about the hours passing by. She knew she would not be able
to get up in the morning. That meant no gym, again. The constant heartburn and insomnia had left her 10
kilos overweight and considerably depressed. She felt uncomfortably bloated most of the time and no
matter what she did, she could not lose weight. Her skin had gone pallid and her social life did not
exist. She felt lonely, stressed and anxious. All that was four years ago.


Today, Sarita is a picture of grace, her skin glows with health and her eyes are peaceful. She sleeps
eight hours and gets up fresh. All thanks to Depsleep, a herbal melatonin supplement, which not only
eases the user’s anxiety by inducing sleep safely and naturally but also cures chronic gas and
Lower stress levels, improved sleep and a good digestive system translate into great health and a good

Depsleep is made of pure melatonin, is non toxic, perfectly natural and non habit forming. It is the
safest way to calm your frazzled nerves without pumping yourself with addictives.
Do you need more incentive? If so, here it is, Depsleep can help you be your productive best at work;
it can help you quit addictives like cigarettes, alcohol and even drugs. It can help you lose weight by
giving your body the sleep it needs and cutting the production of the stress hormone cortisol, which
makes you crave unhealthy fat. It can make you happier and healthier.

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