Acidity troubling you? Cannot lose weight? Skin problems?

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acidity skin problem
03 03-2016
Acidity troubling you? Cannot lose weight? Skin problems?

Take Depsleep. Sure it will make you sleep, sure it will calm you down. But it can do a lot more, especially for your stomach and looks. Here’s how.


Most of us know a burning gut is uncomfortable, putting it mildly. When it strikes, acidity is good enough to spoil a perfectly fine day or worsen a bad one.

Popping antacids is tempting. But the instant cooling reaction one loves so much comes at a price.

So what’s the price?

With time, one becomes dependent on antacids and the problem of acidity worsens. To put it simply, you are fine as long as you take the medicine, but not otherwise.

The aluminium hydroxide in antacids causes a string of reactions, including osteomalacia, a condition which causes a deficiency of vitamin D or calcium, softening the bones. It also causes constipation. Used frequently, constipation leads to many other health problems, one of them being piles.

The picture is:


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anatacid = dependence = weak bones = arthritis


antacid = constipation = piles = bad skin


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But if you leave acidity untreated, you could invite multiple health problems, including constipation, weight gain and consequently pimples or blemishes on the face.

The cycle can be broken however, with Melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland that regulates sleep. How is that relevant to the person suffering from acidity? Because melatonin is not just produced in the brain. It is also produced in the gut. To cut a long story short, melatonin holds the key to gastro intestinal health.


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According to, “melatonin acts as a substrate to the gastric wall cell receptors and subsequently stimulates synthesis of gastro-protective hormones and the mucus, exerting a direct defensive action on the gut epithelium and enhancing sub-mucosal blood flow to prevent damage inducedby pro inflammatory agents. Treatment with melatonin also reduces the severity of the inflammation suggesting its role as an anti inflammatory agent. Thus it can be an important alternative treatment for protection of gut wall from the acid reflux, reducing heartburns and GERD.”

So how does Depsleep come in?

Depsleep helps produce melatonin, not only helping regulate sleep and fight stress, but also strengthening the lining of the stomach. This improves digestion, fights acidity and prevents harmful effects of acidity.

You place one of the Depsleep dissolvable strips in your mouth. Lie back and let the strips heal you from the gut…


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