Make the bed interesting with depforce

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03 03-2016
Make the bed interesting with depforce

With stress making people walk the razor’s edge, a great sex experience may be hard to come by. Problems with erection are a reality and so are the host of related issues that crop up. Not having enough ejaculation and erection control opens the floodgates to depression and insecurity.


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Going for invasive surgery and expensive medical procedures is a daunting prospect. Besides, there’s a much simpler solution.


These dissolvable strips are completely natural and safe. The plant extracts used in Depforce also have aphrodisiac properties.  When taken, the strip dissolves in your mouth, sending the ingredients where they are needed the most, the bloodstream.

Mind over matter

Depforce gives you a long lasting erection by reacting with brain chemicals that control sexual behaviour.

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Why dissolvable strips?

Experts say absorption from the mouth is much faster than conventional methods. The nutrients are absorbed in a higher concentration in the blood through the mouth. In other medicines, which have to pass through the liver, absorption is slow.

Worse, higher amounts of medicine are needed in a pill since so much of it is destroyed by stomach acid, bile and digestive enzymes before even reaching the bloodstream! This is why almost every medication requires you to take it with food and water. Conventional medicines do not treat the root cause, they only treat the symptoms and satisfaction is limited. But Depforce can transform your sex life in seconds.

The path to longer lasting sex is a simple two step process of taking two strips of Depforce daily, with one strip before sex.

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Timing is key

Getting her in bed is only the beginning. How you perform in bed is what matters and performance does not mean the act of penetration. As a man, you take an average of five minutes to climax. But for your woman, five minutes counts as foreplay, maybe not even that. A woman needs around 15 minutes to climax. Unfortunately, that is a fact most men are not aware of, which means that most men are unable to satisfy a woman in bed. With Depforce, You get to last longer, giving your partner orgasm after orgasm. Besides, Depforce also enhances your libido.

What more would you want? Go play…

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